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..is living your best life. Together we can work to help you to live the life you have always wanted and deserve, learn ways to boost your happiness, de stress,  find the right balance between work and life. With treatments and help with depression, anxiety, procrastination, relationship difficulties, parenting, anger and stress management along with special services just for mums.

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We understand the cost of psychological services can often be a barrier to engaging in treating. Optimum living offers bulk billing for clients with a Mental Health Care Plan. Additionally we have the convenience of HICAPS which means you can lodge your claim on the spot.

Our main focus is to help you live your best life whilst providing support and guidance with treatment and help for issues including depression, anxiety, stress and anger management, procrastination, parenting and relationship issues along with a range of special services just for mums.

Optimum Living can help you live your best life. With help and treatment for a range of common issues such as depression, anxiety, stress and anger management. Plus we also offer special services just for mums. To make an appointment call (02) 9016 7197

Manage Moods

If you feel you may be suffering from depression  or anxiety Optimum Living can help you to reduce your symptoms and develop coping skills to improve your overall functioning.

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Reduce Stress

Anger and stress are unfortunately part of our lives. Optimum Living can provide the tools to create a calmer, more harmonious and happier life.

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Boost Happiness

Want more happiness? Optimum Living will show you the steps to finding ongoing happiness to enable you to ultimately live a vital, more meaningful and enjoyable life.

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Just For Mums

A range of special services just for mums to help in your journey through motherhood including perinatal depression, pregnancy counselling, parenting issues and motherhood stress and anger.

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Postnatal Depression Treatments in Sydney

Motherhood is a wondrous joy to look forward to and one can say that it is the epitome of a woman’s adult life. However, due to various reasons, many mothers find themselves feeling a little more than the baby blues. This is an issue worth addressing as any new mother may find it difficult to cope with the sudden increase in responsibility, change of lifestyle and of course, the workload. Treatment for motherhood depression and stress management for mothers are important things to take into consideration should you be feeling a little more than the blues.

Depression in mothers is not at all that uncommon. The proper postnatal depression support is essential to make sure that the problem does not get out of hand to interfere your life’s progress.

Optimum Living Psycholigists Sydney

Seeking treatment for motherhood depression or postnatal depression support is something that has to be done with care. With the right therapists by your side, you will truly be able to see the silver lining on any dark cloud. Optimum Living is where you can obtain professional motherhood depression support in Sydney. Depression is not something to be overlooked. Whether you are a working mother, stay at home mother or someone dealing with serious personal issues, Optimum Living can help you with the right professional postnatal depression treatment options.

The reality of the situation is, that stress and depression may start at any point of time during or after the pregnancy. This is why it is important to seek the assistance of qualified professionals administering pregnancy counselling in NSW, or your residential area to make sure that you are well prepared for your new role as a mother. Oftentimes, personal problems such as relationship issues, financial matters and even the employment status can all come together to create stress in pregnant women and new mothers. In such cases, the understanding and support of friends and family is crucial to hold a strong front. While stress and depression in mothers is fairly common in single and divorced mothers, that doesn’t mean that happily married women are an exception. Motherhood can be quite a drastic change for many and therefore, it is important to try your best to be prepared and to see the bright side despite the ups and downs.

For those of you who are on the search for the ideal treatments and support for motherhood depression in Sydney, Optimum Living is the perfect choice. For postpartum depression treatments NSW, pregnancy counselling NSW and quality assistance from a specialist psychologist in Sydney, this is the perfect choice. Do contact us and find out more about how we offer stress management for mothers and postnatal depression treatment options. Here, at Optimum Living, we help you find balance and happiness in your life!