Optimum Living can help you live your best life. whilst providing support and guidance in your journey through Motherhood.

Pregnancy Support Counselling

Optimum living are eligible to provide supportive, non-judgmental, confidential and unbiased Pregnancy support Counselling for women with a current or recent pregnancy (within the last 12 months) who have any concerns, or general issues related to a pregnancy Read more..

Antenatal Depression

Whilst the physical changes of pregnancy are accompanied by many emotional changes for some women it is also accompanied by emotional distress, fear and uncertainty. Read more..

Postnatal Depression

In Australia, Postnatal depression affects almost 16 per cent of women. Postnatal depression can develop within a few days or weeks of giving birth and can range from a mild feeling of sadness to a severe debilitating depression. Read more..

Motherhood Stress and Anger

With our fast-paced busy lives, hectic children’s schedules, competing home and work demands family stresses are on the increase leaving minimal time for rest, relaxation and family time.  For many of us anger can be a regular response to these daily stressors.  

Read more..

Surviving and Thriving Through a Breakup or Divorce

Unfortunately in Australia one in every three marriages ends in divorce.  Surviving the pain of a separation, or a divorce can be devastatingly hard but it can also be a time of great renewal and growth.  . Read more..

Finding Yourself in Motherhood

It’s very easy to lose yourself to the everyday demands of children, marriage career and friends.  Often, for many of us taking care of them and their needs becomes more important than taking care of ourselves and looking after your own needs.   Read more..

Work and Life Balance

Balancing work and family is a real juggling act with no perfect solution but you can get rid of the guilt and have it all Read more..

Happy Mum Booster

Let’s face it must of us would like to be happier, after all happiness is a key driving force in our lives. Current research shows that 40% of our capacity for Happiness is within our own power to change. Read more..

Preparing for Baby

The prospect of becoming a mum can cause a wide range of emotions – from feeling excited and exhilarated to feelings scared and overwhelmed.  There are some  great highs in motherhood but the reality is that there can also be some challenges. Read more..